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There are four Offices of 4th River Management Branch, WRA, MOEA, including Secretarial Office, Accounting Office, Personnel Office, Pollctical Office. 

Organization of the Agency


□ Technical Department

Deal with the reconnaissance, design, administration and supervising of public work.

□ Management Department

Execute planning, management and implementation of water conservancy engineering; prevent and forbid the illegal behavior.

□ Programming Department

Conduct investigation and hydrological measurements, observations.

□ Capital asset Department

Conduct the construction site, nationalized land; establish and document basic data.

□ Secretarial Office 
Research/development/evaluation, public service, paper work, office and cashier matters. 

□ Accounting Office
Annual statements, accounting and statistics. 

□ Personnel Office 
Personnel management matters. 

□ Pollctical Office 
Government ethics assurance and auditing matters.