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In response to the September 18th Chishang earthquake, the Fourth River Management Office enhanced the hydraulic structures inspection and contingency measures


A strong earthquake of 6.8 on the Richter scale occurred in Chishang, Taitung on September 18th, which affected bridges and hydraulic structures in the eastern region. Self-inspection will begin from today to inspect various hydraulic structures.

Up to now, several inspections have been completed for the potential hot spots of barrier lakes and related hydraulic structures in the Zhuoshui River Basin. 
The drone photography survey of hydraulic structures was also carried out for the Chenyoulan River and its tributaries, which experienced higher earthquake intensity.

No hydraulic structures in the Zhuoshui River Basin were significantly damaged, and no barrier lake was formed. 

Local volunteers and village chiefs will continue to help monitoring the river conditions and water level. 

We would like to remind the public to follow "Drop, Cover, and Hold on" principle when you are indoors during an earthquake. It is suggested to avoid going to the mountainous areas during heavy rains. It is necessary to dredge the ditch in front of citizens’ house and to remove the obstruction of the ditch cover during flood season.

因應0918池上地震 四河局強化水利建造物巡檢及應變措施

在此提醒民眾,於地震發生且位於室內時,謹記「趴下(Drop)、掩護(Cover)、穩住(Hold on)」的避難原則,震後山區土石鬆動豪雨期間盡量避免前往山區,且汛期應加強家門前水溝清淤及溝蓋阻塞物清除,以利社區排水,協助政府水情災情通報,並應善加利用水利署水情App、防災資訊服務網(、濁水溪流域水情中心網站