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Fourth River Management Office continues to enhance flood control and response measures after Typhoon Hinnamnor sea warning issued 


Typhoon Hinnamnor is currently located in the Eastern Sea of Eluanbi, and is moving northwest to north. Its storm circle is gradually entering the Bashi Strait. Central Weather Bureau has issued a sea warning at 8:30 a.m. today. The main rainfall area is expected to be Nantou mountain area where the total rainfall is estimated to be 200-400mm. The total rainfall of Changhua is estimated to be 100-200mm with magnitude 8-9 strong winds.

The related flood prevention measures has been underway. Measures including:
1.    Personnel stationed in the water situation center to monitor the water situation, and provide the latest typhoon meteorological information and response suggestions;
2.    Potential flood hotspot has been prepared, and response measures have been confirmed. The local village chief or volunteers have been ready to assist in monitoring and reporting;
3.    The open-ended emergency contract and construction-in-progress manufacturers were notified to be prepared to station according to the contingency mechanism;
4.    Changhua County Government were notified to ensure close collaboration and support for flood control. 15 trained communities are standby.
We would like to remind the public to dredge the ditch in front of citizens’ house and to remove the obstruction of the ditch cover during flood season. Several resources can be reached out such as the Water Resources Agency’s Water Conditions App, Disaster Prevention Information Service Network (, and Zhuoshui River Water Conditions Center website ( 

軒嵐諾海上颱風警報發佈 四河局持續強化各項防汛應變工作